Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boyfriends need not apply

These cakes are for husbands only. After a long day of smoking cigarettes at his desk, cocktails in the office, and secretaries in the supply closet, your own Don Draper is going to come home, and he's going to want cake. Be a good little lady, and whip up one of these Cakes that Husbands Like Best. The way to a man's heart is surely by loading him up with Spry (Crisco).
It's hard to pick from the 10 cakes shown based on the stunning black and white phots that make them all look very similar, but my gut tell me to go with "Spicy Prune Whip Cake", with a delectable Prune Whip Frosting. Though it's tempting to swap out the frosting for "Tawny Satin Frosting" , just because it sounds like a burlesque dancer.