Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank You Darling!

Poor Anne was in a panic, fearing that making enough ice cream to feed her party guests would have the family in the poorhouse. Luckily, her adoring husband (who I’m sure was very involved with helping around the house and the kitchen as much as possible) was there to jump in and save the day.
“Stop your stewin’ Little Lady. I can show you a trick or two!”
“Darling you’re such a smart husband!”
Bill then explained to Anne how to use the jello ice cream powder, and she was eternally grateful for his superior cooking knowledge. Bet Bill got lucky that night!


Mum in Bloom said...

OMG you got me laughing out loud girl :) Linked through the Foodie BlogRoll and had to take a peak as I love all things retro - especially kitchen stuff! I love how you saw grab your jello molds in your intro.. what was it with those back then? All my vintage cookbooks are filled with jello salad recipes ??

jennifer said...

Somwhere in my collection I have a jello mold recipe that involved hotdogs in a blender. When I find it, I will surely post it. Wouldn't want that delicious recipe to be swallowed up by the sands of time!

Karen Harris said...

Really great blog. Congratulations on your contest wins.

Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

Seriously amazing. I LOVE little peaks at what it was like 'back then.' Great blog!

Patricia said...

This made me snort I was laughing so hard! I sent a link to my mom and aunt so they could get a chuckle, I know my mom still has clippings like these stuffed somewhere.
Love your sense of humor!