Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Wouldn’t Care to Meet Marvin

At first glance, this seems a ridiculous statement. Who wouldn’t want to meet a guy like Marvin? No one can resist a suave guy with a tiny head who wears a bathrobe and smokes a pipe on the beach.
“Men thought him a great fellow - for a little while. Women grew romantic about him - until they knew. Poor Marvin, yearning for companionship and always denied it. People called him the Prince of Pariahs.”
Marvin’s problem wasn’t his tiny head, or his odd beachwear. He didn’t have leprosy, or ebola virus, or bird flu. Something far worse. Halitosis.
Luckily his problem was curable, thanks to Listerine. The best part of all is that Listerine is “so safe it may be used in any body cavity, yet so powerful it kills even the stubborn typhoid and pus germs in 15 seconds.”


Andrea said...

Wow, powerful enough to be used in ANY body cavity? Looks like I need to get me some Listerine!

I love your blog it always cracks me up!

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

OMG that's too funny. Maybe he should ditch the pipe to solve his problem, eh? Ew.. any body cavity.. eww, ewww. Small head - ha! ha! ha! ha!